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  1. ABANDON: To give up completely – abandoned the sinking ship. Synonyms: relinquish, forgo, forsake
  2. ABASH: To lose self-confidence; to confuse, put to shame – abashed before the assembled dignitaries. Synonyms: fluster, disconcert, discomfit, discompose. Antonym: (adj.) self-possessed
  3. ABDICATE: To give up claim to – abdicated the throne. Synonyms: renounce, abandon, relinquish
  4. ABET: To encourage -or support – treacherously abetted the enemy. Synonyms: spur, incite. Antonym: deter
  5. ABRIDGE: To shorten – abridged his lengthy speech. Synonyms: curtail, diminish, retrench. Antonyms: protract, elongate, amplify
  6. ABROGATE: To abolish or render void – a treaty abrogated by mutual consent. Synonyms: annul, nullify, rescind, void.
  7. ABSTEMIOUS: Moderate in the use of food or drink – abstemious in his habits. Synonym: temperate
  8. ACADEMIC: Pertaining to school; theoretical academic interests; an academic discussion, with no practical implications. Synonym: scholastic
  9. ACCEDE: To agree to – accede to a request. Synonym: assent. Antonym: demur
  10. ACCELERATE: – To quicken, speed tip – took an accelerated course in order to graduate early. Synonym: expedite (adj. expeditious). Antonym: retard.
  11. ACCOLADE: An award or salute – a tremendous accolade for a returning hero. Synonyms: tribute, ovation
  12. ACCORD: Agreement or harmony – in full accord with his view. Synonyms: concord, concurrence. Antonyms: dissension, discord

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हिंदी व्याकरण – Hindi Grammar

Jivan Parichay in Hindi for Class 12 to 6


हम उम्मीद रखते है कि यह 511 Vocabulary eBook for SSC Exams आपकी स्टडी में उपयोगी साबित हुए होंगे | अगर आप लोगो को इससे रिलेटेड कोई भी किसी भी प्रकार का डॉउट हो तो कमेंट बॉक्स में कमेंट करके पूंछ सकते है |

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