UP Board Solutions for “Class 12 English Translation Chapter 1 “Use of Verb forms”

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ClassClass 12
TopicEnglish Translation
Chapter Identify“Use of Verb forms”
ClassClass 12 English

UP Board Solutions for “Class 12 English Translation” Chapter 1 “Use of Verb forms”

Train 1

  1. Are you busy this time?
  2. This knife turned sharp.
  3. Are you a school pupil ?
  4. This isn’t my father’s automobile.
  5. I’m grateful to you.
  6. These boys turned half mad.
  7. His son turned indignant with me.
  8. My sister is courageous.
  9. Whose pen is yours?
  10. Will you be completely satisfied at the moment?
  11. Was she a singer?
  12. I’m afraid of that cheater.
  13. It is going to be a vacation on Sunday.
  14. Water turns into scorching on hearth.
  15. Man is mortal.

Train 2

  1. I’ve 4 brothers.
  2. These boys have a canine
  3. I’ve an elephant additionally.
  4. In winter, I’ve a shower every day.
  5. Right this moment, we will discuss to the principal.
  6. Tomorrow I shall have this cash.
  7. He has a guide in his hand.
  8. I’ve had meals twice.
  9. He had a small home.
  10. A cow has 4 legs.
  11. He has some drawback in his coronary heart.
  12. My metropolis has a zoo.
  13. He had a costly canine.
  14. His voice may be very candy.
  15. Proper now, I’m having a shower.

Train 3

  1. Will she do one thing within the night ?
  2. What do you do together with your brother?
  3. I do nothing with my brother.
  4. My brother does some work with father.
  5. What are you doing in your backyard ?
  6. Is the gardener additionally doing one thing there ?
  7. What did that beggar do on the street ?
  8. My servant is performing some work this time.
  9. Mom is doing nothing within the kitchen.
  10. My sister does all work within the absence of mom.

Train 4

  1. It’s getting darkish now.
  2. It’s your responsibility to indicate pity on the animals.
  3. It isn’t straightforward to please all.
  4. It was raining closely final night.
  5. It’s harmful for youngsters to play with crackers.
  6. It’s no use worrying.
  7. It’s 5 by my watch.
  8. It is going to be vacation on Monday.
  9. It isn’t doable for me to sleep late at night time.
  10. To take a position cash in shares is foolishness.
  11. It’s the month of March.
  12. It’s the reality that he doesn’t reside right here.
  13. It’s our responsibility to like the nation.
  14. It’s straightforward for a cat to see in the dead of night.
  15. It’s good to finish one’s work in time.

Train 5

  1. It took a few years for Columbus to find America.
  2. Father took a very long time to grasp you.
  3. Did he take a little or no time in making up his loss?
  4. You’ll take greater than three hours in fixing the total query paper.
  5. Will he take little or no time in fixing your drawback ?
  6. You’ll take solely 5 minutes in reaching the temple.
  7. It took me two hours in reaching the temple to have a glimpse of the idol.
  8. The trainer took ten minutes in fixing this sum.
  9. It took a few years in liberating India.
  10. It took him a number of years in enhancing his situation.

Train 6

  1. There was a purple pencil in my pocket.
  2. Right this moment there are few college students in my classroom.
  3. There are a large number of viewers within the customer’s gallery.
  4. God is current each the place.
  5. There may be full moon within the sky on the night time of purnima.
  6. There have been plenty of ripe mangoes on this basket.
  7. There may be plenty of air within the ment.
  8. There isn’t any beggar in some nations.
  9. There may be nice climate within the spring.
  10. Are there numerous stars within the sky?
  11. Are there so many rats in your home?
  12. There isn’t any dispute between India and Nepal.
  13. There are your books.
  14. What number of clerks are absent from the workplace at the moment?
  15. Now there is no such thing as a want of troopers on the border.

Train 7

  1. He’s jealous however he mustn’t categorical it.
  2. It’s a pity that you’re a bachelor.
  3. These chairs are extra comfy than these chairs.
  4. Is that this the guide that you simply needed ?
  5. It’s unimaginable to achieve there in time.
  6. I shall see you tomorrow, whether it is handy.
  7. Today I’m very busy in writing.
  8. It’s accepted that this buddy of his may be very wealthy.
  9. He by no means met me today.
  10. Are you able to bear a lot expenditure ?
  11. There may be solely Mohan who’s so smart.
  12. It’s no use shouting.
  13. That is the factor that I’ll say.
  14. Hiya, Are you Raymond Brown talking?

Train 8

  1. Please assist me.
  2. Please do take a cup of tea with me.
  3. By no means chase a canine.
  4. Take just a little lukewarm water.
  5. Please learn the entire of my letter.
  6. Work onerous to your progress.
  7. Handle the youngsters properly.
  8. Depart mattress early in morning usually.
  9. Please lend to me just a little cash for someday.
  10. Please don’t smoke right here.
  11. By no means make a enjoyable of the poor.
  12. Change off all of the lights earlier than going to sleep.
  13. Don’t go into deep water.
  14. Don’t make a lot use of cellular
  15. Drive the automobile slowly on a busy street.

Train 9


  1. Let the carpenter make my desk.
  2. Let the police arrest the thieves.
  3. Let these ladies sing a candy tune.
  4. Don’t let the boys copy.
  5. Don’t let the little kids learn novels.
  6. Don’t let the boys throw stones at frogs.
  7. Let the servant clear the room.
  8. Don’t let the young children play within the daylight.
  9. Let him learn the Ramayana.
  10. Don’t let any clerk settle for bribe.
  11. Let him end his work.
  12. Let me worship God for 2 hours.
  13. Don’t let him go to the picnic.
  14. Let this lady sing two songs.
  15. Allow them to say what they need to say.


  1. Allow us to bathe within the Ganga this yr.
  2. Allow us to love all the youngsters.
  3. Allow us to not kill the birds.
  4. Allow us to sleep now.
  5. Allow us to respect our elders.
  6. Allow us to be taught our lesson now.
  7. Allow us to not abuse anyone.
  8. Allow us to play cricket match.
  9. Allow us to stand up at 5 a.m. the morning
  10. Allow us to love young children.
  11. Allow us to serve our nation.
  12. Now allow us to depart within the night time.
  13. Allow us to participate in essay competitors.
  14. Definitely allow us to see the Taj Mahal.
  15. Allow us to distribute blankets among the many poor individuals.


  1. The captain doesn’t let these boys play the match.
  2. His mom didn’t let him go to the cinema.
  3. Why do you not let me have tea?
  4. Our trainer is not going to allow us to giggle.
  5. The inspector has not let any milk vendor promote the adul
  6. My canine doesn’t let any stranger are available in the home.
  7. My neighbours is not going to let me fly the kite.
  8. Our principal doesn’t let any pupil copy.
  9. The hunter has let all of the birds fly.
  10. My mom is not going to let me have espresso.
  11. The police is not going to let anyone are available in.
  12. The federal government doesn’t allow us to maintain assembly right here.
  13. My buddy let me pay the invoice.
  14. The gardener didn’t allow them to stroll on the grass.
  15. Will the forest officers not allow them to reduce the bushes ?

Train 10

  1. Please open the window just a little ?
  2. Will you shift/transfer just a little ?
  3. Would you train me to talk English ?
  4. May you take care of my canine my in absence ?
  5. Will you give me your transient introduction ?
  6. May you see me day after tomorrow ?
  7. Will you do a piece of mine ?
  8. Will you please inform me your phone quantity?
  9. Would you’ve got lunch with me at the moment?
  10. May you meet me at the moment within the night ?
  11. Might I take advantage of your phone ?
  12. Would you keep in mind me once more ?
  13. Would you stroll with me within the backyard for a while please?
  14. Will you inform me the time ?
  15. Would you await me until I return ?

Train 11

  1. Do take this drugs usually.
  2. Do put out the candle.
  3. Put my information on my desk solely.
  4. Physician, do deal with this affected person?
  5. Do ship him to me tomorrow.
  6. All of the boys come to me ?
  7. Do win the watch.
  8. Raju, do deliver a cup of espresso for me.
  9. You aren’t to smoke from at the moment.
  10. Mohan is to make a agency promise.
  11. Do write to me on alternate days.
  12. It’s important to attain faculty every day in time.
  13. O God, assist this poor man.
  14. You’ll depart tomorrow by night time practice.
  15. He’s to distribute all invitation playing cards at the moment.

Train 12

  1. Our group couldn’t win the match.
  2. You can not discuss loudly within the library.
  3. Peace loving individuals may additionally change into violent.
  4. May you lend me some cash?
  5. Chances are you’ll catch chilly by going out within the chilly.
  6. Might he get better quickly!
  7. He may lead within the final spherical of the sport.
  8. He fell down from the roof, his leg might be damaged too.
  9. We may get pure ghee at a less expensive charge in olden days.
  10. Might I are available in ?
  11. Chances are you’ll are available in after an hour.
  12. Are you able to look at all of the information at the moment?
  13. Our father may face this example.
  14. Might God prosper you a large number!
  15. Are you able to assist me in fixing these sums ?

Train 13

  1. He will be nice.
  2. He’s unable to cross the river
  3. Now he can not sit for a very long time.
  4. Now he’s unable to sit down for an extended interval.
  5. I’m unable to sleep after midnight.
  6. He can’t be dishonest.
  7. He can not work onerous.
  8. Why are you unable to talk loudly?
  9. He isn’t in a position to make an extended speech.
  10. He can not communicate earlier than a crowd.
  11. He isn’t in a position to face the issues.
  12. He’s unable to inform a lie.
  13. He’s unable to eat something.
  14. He can not give a lot contribution.
  15. He’s unable to stroll even a step.

Train 14

  1. The leaders must be sincere.
  2. He ought to satisfy the principal at the moment.
  3. He should work onerous.
  4. We shouldn’t be miser.
  5. We should imagine in God.
  6. You have to attain faculty in time.
  7. We should always not learn low cost novels.
  8. The scholars should learn the newspaper every day.
  9. He have to be a member of social society.
  10. It’s best to love the nation.
  11. The scholars should respect their lecturers.
  12. We must be civilized and well mannered.
  13. All people should pity the poor.
  14. It’s best to by no means inform a lie.
  15. You ought to not make your garments soiled.

Train 15

  1. He might have to return right here directly.
  2. The affected person might have to remain within the hospital for a couple of days.
  3. You’ll have to attend for some extra days for a job.
  4. You’ll have to repent in your doing.
  5. You’ll have to talk in English on many events.
  6. He might should compromise together with his joys.
  7. He might should take care of his previous grandfather.
  8. The police might have to fireplace on the gang.
  9. You’ll have to beg.
  10. I could should go to workplace on Sunday.

Train 16

  1. Would you deliver me a chair ?
  2. He would go to satisfy his buddies on Sundays.
  3. He would go to church on each Sunday.
  4. If it rains tomorrow morning, the varsity could be closed.
  5. How good it will be when you change into a minister ?
  6. I’d absolutely accompany you within the marriage procession of your son.
  7. Would you look at me out of flip ?
  8. He would work onerous in his youth.
  9. He would absolutely settle for your invitation.
  10. Would you lend me some cash ?

Train 17

  1. I’ve to scold him.
  2. Will you need to deposit revenue tax ?
  3. You’ll have to pardon him.
  4. Did you need to wash your garments by yourself ?
  5. When did you need to ship him to market ?
  6. The scholars should work onerous.
  7. They should obey me.
  8. I needed to communicate in English to my buddies.
  9. The trainer didn’t have to show us some classes.
  10. He should restore his home.

Train 18

(a) Do you thoughts my taking part in playing cards right here?
(b) Would you thoughts if I play playing cards right here?
(c) Do you thoughts if I play playing cards right here ?

(a) Do you thoughts my smoking right here?
(b) Would you thoughts if I make right here?
(c) Do you thoughts if I smoke right here?

(a) Do you thoughts my having a cup of tea ?
(b) Would you thoughts if I’ve a cup of tea ?
(c) Do you thoughts if I take a cup of tea?

(a) Do you thoughts my seeing your cellular ?
(b) Would you” thoughts if I’see your cellular ?
(c) Do you thoughts if I see your cellular ?

(a) Do you thoughts my going out for a while?
(b) Would you thoughts if I’m going out for a while ?
(c) Do you thoughts if I’m going out for a while?

(a) Do you thoughts my sitting on this chair?
(b) Would you thoughts if I sit on this chair ?
(c) Do you thoughts if I sit on this chair?

(a) Do you thoughts my switching off the T.V. ?
(b) Would you thoughts if I swap the T.V. off ?
(C) Do you thoughts if I swap the T.V. off ?

(a) Do you thoughts me speaking to my buddy on the phone ?
(b) Would you thoughts if I discuss to my buddy on the phone ?
(c) Do you thoughts if I discuss to my buddy on the phone ?

(a) Do you thoughts my interrupting you within the between ?
(b) Would you thoughts if I interrupt you in between ?
(c) Do you thoughts if I interrupt you in between ?

(a) Do you thoughts my sending your servant to the market?
(b) Would you thoughts if I ship your servant to the market ?
(c) Do you thoughts if I ship your servant to the market ?

Train 19

  1. I could also be allowed/permitted/given permission one week’s time to submit my reply.
    (allowed, permitted या given permission में से किसी भी एक शब्द का प्रयोग करें, इसी प्रकार इस से आगे के वाक्यों में हमने एक शब्द का प्रयोग किया है। आप इन तीनों में से किसी एक शब्द का प्रयोग कर and I)
  2. I could also be allowed to withdraw cash from my PF account.
  3. I could also be permitted to go dwelling throughout holidays.
  4. I could also be given permission to enchantment within the Supreme Courtroom.
  5. He could also be allowed to take financial institution mortgage for purchasing a brand new automobile.
  6. This man could also be given permission to submit bail utility.
  7. This prisoner could also be given permission to satisfy his spouse.
  8. They will not be given permission to correspond in Hindi.
  9. I could also be allowed to journey by air.
  10. He will not be permitted to go to his home in Ghaziabad on a regular basis.

Train 20

  1. He might win the match.
  2. He might not even provide the cash
  3. He won’t change into a millionaire.
  4. He might not even change into a millionaire.
  5. This affected person might die.
  6. The physician won’t save this affected person.
  7. She will not be the prime minister of the nation.
  8. She could be the prime minister of the nation.
  9. She won’t be the prime minister of the nation.
  10. You won’t attain on time.

Train 21

  1. It’s doable that the practice might attain late by an hour.
  2. In all probability he’ll move the examination in first division.
  3. Maybe he might lend you some cash.
  4. Maybe there will probably be a duststorm at the moment within the night.
  5. It’s doable that he’ll win the election.
  6. In all probability the federal government of Delhi will change this yr.
  7. It’s doable that this affected person will get better.
  8. Probably the share market will enhance now.
  9. Maybe my buddy might attain right here by the night time practice.
  10. Probably our prime minister will go to America subsequent week.

Train 22

  1. He’s going to take a place within the cupboard. Or He should take a place within the cupboard.
  2. You have to have remembered me.
  3. He have to be a minister.
  4. The costs should go larger.
  5. You have to be an amazing man.
  6. He should have dedicated this error.
  7. He’s going to be taught a overseas language.
  8. He should have learnt overseas language.
  9. You’ll win the case.
  10. You have to have spent some huge cash for the case.

Train 23

  1. He’s the Gama of his metropolis.
  2. The solar rises within the east and units within the west.
  3. The elephant is the most important animal.
  4. The Tajmahal was constructed by Shahjahan.
  5. The price of rice is twenty rupees a kilo.
  6. There may be nothing as treasured as gold on the earth. 12
  7. Canine are trustworthy.
  8. Pt. Nehru was a honourable man.
  9. The Ramayana of Tulsidas is a well-known guide.
  10. The moon shines within the night time.
  11. Is that this trainer an N.C.C officer ?
  12. The poor are unlucky.
  13. I learn the Hindustan Instances every day.
  14. He is not going to keep in an lodge.
  15. I’ve an attention-grabbing guide.

Train 24

Pandu was an ice-cream vendor. Day by day he sat taking his ice bag beside a main faculty. By the night Pandu obtained offered all of his ice-creams. A woman nonetheless come to that faculty. However she bought the ice-cream solely as soon as in per week. She didn’t have cash sufficient to eat an ice-crem every day. That lady used to return there every day. She would stand by the facet of Pandu for a while every day after which return. Seeing her Pandu used to develop too dejected.

Robust Verbs (भीतर का Vowel बदलने वाली क्रियाएँ)

Class 12 English Translation Chapter 1 Use of Verb forms and Articles
Class 12 English Translation Chapter 1 Use of Verb forms and Articles
Class 12 English Translation Chapter 1 Use of Verb forms and Articles
Class 12 English Translation Chapter 1 Use of Verb forms and Articles
Class 12 English Translation Chapter 1 Use of Verb forms and Articles
Class 12 English Translation Chapter 1 Use of Verb forms and Articles
Class 12 English Translation Chapter 1 Use of Verb forms and Articles

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